Keep going – Day 2

Yesterday was day 1 of our detox which makes today day 2 – see I can still do math! The raging headache has not subsided and my mood is hovering around something that rhymes with itchy. My energy is way down and I’m thinking of going pant-less since I have to pee about every 5 minutes. In short, this is the opposite of fun.
I found this very apropos article, titled “The Cruel Calling of Coffee“, to help me over this surprisingly difficult hump.  The author is from the Paleo camp, possibly an expert of sorts, and I’d just like to say, I really like you Paleo people out there.  Talk about a fired up group, Paleo people seem to be such a “can do” community.  Committed, motivated, opening restaurants and gyms, truly advocating for their beliefs about healthy lifestyle.  The Paleo existence has benefitted mine tremendously, like now I can go out and order things like brussels sprout chips and a cider (when I’m not detoxing)  and everyone smiles with no hidden mockery.  That’s just beautiful to me.