Journal entry of a Marfa-phile

What’s so great about Marfa?  For me?  Everything.

When was the last time you gleaned inspiration from a mini-bar?  And yet here at the Thunderbird you have a thoughtful assortment that is not only an aesthetic delight but a testament to what makes a guest comfortable.  What you want vs. what you need…or both as exemplified by their basket of offerings.

Thunderbird Hotel mini-bar

As we were headed to Cloudcroft, NM after 9 days in Southern Arizona enjoying the “nature show”, live, in 4-D and surround sound we decided to change our course.  Although Cloudcrot with it’s 9,000 ft elevation would provide a welcome change in temperature, I realized I wasn’t ready to give up the feeling of wide open spaces.  Enter M-A-R-F-A on the navigation, add 2 hours of driving time and suddenly we had a car full of smiles and anticipation.  My kids love Marfa, my husband loves Marfa, it seems even the dog is a fan.

So what is it about this place?  Truth be told, I don’t love Marfa for it’s art.  When we visit we almost never check-out the amazing galleries or must see installations.  However I love looking at all of the people who ARE drawn to Marfa because of the art.  These folks have style, they’ve created looks for themselves….so I guess in a way it the art draws me as well.

I love Marfa for the Food Shark and The Get Go.  I love the cowboys eating alongside the hipsters.  I love that a town with the population 2121 has a restaurant with a $33 pasta.  The real thing I love is how I feel in Marfa, my thoughts don’t feel like ideals, they feel like attainable, tangible, do-able things!  I think it’s the balance of things, there is more land visible than the evidence of man.  It’s easy to remember the thing I call my life, with my iPhone reminders, meal plans and scheduled activities are mainly distractions from the actual LIVING part of life.

How can a place feel like home when I’ve never lived there?  There was a moment when I thought I would, live in Marfa, that is.  But I’m scared I’ll ruin it.

P.S.  Thanks to the Thunderbird’s mini-bar I’m kinda in love with this product.