What 6 and 8 looks like

DSC04524 1

I keep find myself saying, “I love this stage”, “I love this time”.  I love taking them to a museum.


I love handing over a sketch pad and pencil and instead of worrying about them defiling works of art, they draw their own interpretation and give me their thoughts and feelings about the piece.



I love taking a walk and listening to their jokes and stories.  I love sitting down and having them read to me, instead of me reading to them – although that still rocks too.

I love hearing them discuss things like:  Who wrote the Bible?  Why is this called a car?  Why do you wear high heels if they hurt your feet?

I love hearing my son talk about his second best friend and when I ask, “who’s your first?”  He answers, “my sister”.

I love being able to say “Calm down, let’s talk about this” and they can and we do.

I love that they have music tastes, favorite restaurants and movies.

First words and first steps are cool.  Late night nursing, shoveling in the first bite of food, embracing the concept of the toilet – all wonderful.

But feeling like I’m sharing my life with kindred spirits who are so uniquely themselves is heaven.

All photos are from The Modern Museum in Ft. Worth, TX.