So, I finally get the itch to write a little something to all of you wonderful folks who tune in now and again and I actually forgot my web address.  I’m a little horrified, but mainly I’m thinking it’s the perfect example for how I’m trying to live my life this summer.

You’ve heard me talk about “growing your garden” before, planting your interests, desires and hobbies.  Well, I’m working on tending my garden this summer.  A few rows were left forgotten, the weeds took over and everything is dead.  That, in a nutshell, is a metaphor for my efforts on waste reduction,  living minimally,  and living with heart.  I’ve done more shopping than reducing, I’ve made purchases based on fear “what if” type stuff or fantasy life stuff, aka Pintrest worthy life, and with each of these steps it’s been harder and harder to hear my own voice…’s getting drowned out by the media I’m surrounding myself with.

Enter these fellas who I stumbled upon.  The Minimalists are currently touring with their latest book “Everything That Remains”.  I LOVE the title.  A nugget I’ve begun reciting is “Organizing is often well planned hoarding”.  Yup, that one smacked me right in the face after 2 weekends spent “organizing”.  The Minimalists’ site is composed mainly of short essays, most revolve around very similar topics.  This repetition annoys some, I’m not among the annoyed.  I like hearing the same message 20 different ways, I need to hear the same message 20 different ways.   I’m not sure most of us realize how often we’re forced to absorb messages, if you open a computer, watch a TV show, pick up a magazine, drive down a road, walk into a store, go see a movie.   The majority of the time we did not go looking for these messages, images and temptations – they are just THERE, EVERYWHERE.  So if someone can fill my head with the stuff I want to think about, the more the better as far as I’m concerned.

Here are a few more experts that are helping me get my garden back in shape.

The master of lists – Leo.

The waste reduction goddess – Bea.

A great reminder to enjoy life’s journey and be happy.

These rules for a 2 1/2 year old would arguably work well for anyone wanting to tone down impulse buying.

Happy Gardening.

P.S. this one is unrelated but I have always wondered about the do’s and don’ts of working out in underwear.