Couldn’t have said it better

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My summer recently began, kids are out of school, the steady stream of busyness that took over May is now down to a trickle and I’ve had some time to read some fantastic things on the internet that I’m bursting to share.

Wishing everyone a restful and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend.  (Side note: I recently had dinner with an American soldier who is on leave, he mentioned the desperate need of things like socks and underwear,  and that there is little, to no need for the candy and sweets that apparently show up in loads.)

Great article on “healthy habits”.

Loved what this guy said about “appreciating the tools modern medicine offers but not relying on them to keep us healthy”.

Had a beautiful lightbulb moment reading about the mental load attached to parenting, running a household, etc. in this article.

Re-read this article to gather my courage for stepping out into the world in a bathing suit for the first time since last summer.

Got on a roll and hunted down this article again for tips when buying a bathing suit, hilarious.


Happy long weekend! XO.




All you need is love and supplements?

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all.  We aren’t big fans of Valentine’s Day at 800arrows, but it can turn a normal purchase like vitamins into a loving gesture toward spending a long, healthy life together.  So that’s what we’ve done, today also happened to coincide beautifully with the Gnosis chocolate delivery, so hey look at us, chocolate on Valentine’s Day!


But the real gems today are the supplements we decided to experiment with.  Our reasoning was after the cleanse we’d be feeling pretty darn good, would we notice a difference if we were taking supplements?  A couple of my favorite places online did a run down on supplements, the basics that  day to day we should consider taking, you can check it out here and here.  After a little price comparison, we decided on the “Daily Dose” from Dr. Lipman.  They come pre packed, 5 pills in a pack, you get your Vitamin D, fish oil, multivitamin, probiotic, if you’d like you can read all about it here.  The verdict is we both feel great!  Could it still be the effects of the cleanse, sure, but we have about two weeks with the supplements so hopefully we’ll get a more robust experience as things like pancakes make their way back into our life.

One concern right out of the box is the packaging with this particular brand we’ve chosen.  The prepack makes things ridiculously easy, but whoa, it’s a lot of plastic!  Also the packs are about 1 year old, I’m not really sure on the shelf life for this kind of thing, but these are things I’ll be looking into further when we decide if we like this addition to our lives.

As for the chocolate, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the review, it’s for our 3:00 treat today!

Chocolate hugs and vitamins,


I get by with a little help from my friends….

Like so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so many others my family and I are getting geared up for a winter detox.  For my husband and I the main aim is nutrition, giving our bodies a break from all the wonderful indulging we’ve done all season long.  Our kids need a bit of a reset as well, like the reminder that sugary sweets do not typically come with every meal, i.e. hot chocolate for breakfast!  Shows over kids, time to pack up the sugar for awhile.

Before we begin I like to do research and gather a little pile of inspiration and support during our detox journey.  Finding folks that live in a perpetual state of what I consider “detox” makes it all seem so reasonable and therefore less of a sacrifice.  One source that’s got me in detox training mode is The Chalkboard Mag.

Photo via The Chalkboard

Photo via The Chalkboard

Their “Green Goddess Guide” series (like May Lindstrom above) is exactly the kind of support and inspiration I’ll need next week and is also the reason that as I sit here and type my hair is slathered in coconut oil.  For my next trick, raw honey all over my face, oh yeah all the green goddesses are doing it!  Really the whole site has been like sitting down with a cup of tea and  a treasured friend that knows about EVERYTHING and is also really damn cool.

Another one that never disappoints is good old Goop.  The latest post includes a few warm smoothie recipes which sound downright inviting as I look at next week’s chilly temperatures.  Also in the post is an interview with Dr. Habib Sadeghi about his upcoming book and a nice take on self-love, (hint: it’s got nothing to do with bubble baths).

Photo via Goop

Photo via Goop

Lastly, when double checking if cauliflower is a nightshade (it’s not by the way) I came across this blog.  This woman’s profile picture alone intrigued me, she looks like a human lightbulb, gorgeous and just radiating health and happiness.  Although the blog looks like it’s been left dormant the information it contains is alive with greatness, lots on Ayurveda and simple, healthy recipes.

Photo via Food for Awakening

Photo via Food for Awakening

I’ll try whipping these bars up for the kids as an alternative to the cinnamon muffins that have been in constant rotation since Thanksgiving.

There you have it, a small snippet of my support posse for our upcoming detox adventure!  Good luck to me and to you on any and all adventures for 2014.