Wait for it…….

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Book Three

I’m a big fan of book series  (plural for book series – seriess, seriei?).  Characters grow and change, plots thicken, twist, turn, sometimes they take us backward, sometimes forward.  I’d rather get sick of characters than feel like I didn’t get enough.  Usually, I will not even consider beginning a series unless all the books are published.  I have self discipline to wait for something at the beginning but once I start reading my addictive brain wants to inhale the whole thing as soon as possible……I’m the same way with pie.

So when I finished Deborah Harkness’s “A Discovery of Witches” and realized it was a trilogy I was thrilled…..UNTIL I learned the third book was not yet published.  “A Discovery of Witches” rang all my bells: supernatural, historical fiction, adventure, romance.  I couldn’t help myself after finishing the first, I HAD to go for the second even though I knew it be that much more painful to wait and wait and wait.  Two years, my friends, two years later book three is available!!  I can’t say I’ll ever knowingly do this again but I decided to reread the first two books in order to recreate the excitement of tucking into a final book and right now my anticipation is thru the roof, there might be something to this waiting game after all.