Training gear

Like so many kids across the nation last month, my kids were glued to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, at ages 6 and 8, my kids could appreciate the drama, the agony, the triumph, the importance of these nations coming together in competition and celebration.

Snowboarding, in particular, made a huge impression.  After hearing the story of Canadian Mark McMorris, Bronze medalist for Slopestyle, who grew up wake boarding and skateboarding in preparation for snowboarding, they couldn’t get on their scooters fast enough, “to begin our training”, they said.

As you can imagine their first runs at riding horizontally on scooters without holding the stick  ended up with bloody knees and hands.  What’s a mom to do?  Run out and buy knee pads, wrist guards?  Nope, old socks to the rescue!

Future pressure, though.

Hands:  Old kid socks, toes removed for fingers, small hole in the “heel” for thumbs.

Knees:  Old adult socks “feet” removed, ankle portion used for knee protection.

repurpose 2

Winter Olympics 2022, here we come.