Your trash for cash!

Ok, I’m not really selling trash but it rhymed with cash so I went with it.  I HAVE been having quite a love affair with Craigslist though and I’m expanding to etsy, eBay and Amazon this week.  Yup, you can sell used things on Amazon!

Turns out there is a season for selling your purges and de-clutters; research says….. it’s fall.  So September, October and November are some of the best months to sell the stuff that’s been sitting, generally unused but taking up space and attention.  Many of us (read me) can turn spring cleaning into spring “leveling”.  Leveling involves moving something from prime real estate to a high corner shelf that requires a latter and some yoga moves to retrieve it.  Some might even box “it” up for the attic or down to the basement to see if you’ll need it “later”.  This can be a helpful baby-step but now I’m ready for giant leaps, I’m grabbing what we’ve leveled and herding it out the door and into someone else’s hands.  I have to say that I’ve met some of the nicest people during my Craigslist transactions.

Adding to my motivation is this simple ebook my sis got me for my bday, in it there is this quote from Tom Robbins: “that which you hold holds you”.  Deep.