Best kitchen tip this year

Clean your pan BEFORE you take it off the stove!  Bear with me, I don’t use a microwave so all cooking from heating oil to melting chocolate to warming left overs and actual cooking is done on the stove.  There’s some good stuff out there about what kind of cookware you should use and why, the 2 pans I end up using 99% of the time are my Lodge skillet and All Clad pot.  Trust me when I say neither are easy to clean…….until I learned this trick.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.43.23 PM

I hear it’s called “deglazing” by those who know what they are doing in the kitchen.  The basic steps are when your meal is finished in the pan (or nearly finished), crank up the heat and add a bit of water.  The water begins to boil and you can easily scrape along the pan removing all the cooked on bits, no more scraping scrambled egg after soaking for hours!  This has saved me tons of time and effort plus I feel very chef-y when deglazing, had to share with you fabulous folks!  For concise step by step instructions with photos check out The Kitchn.



Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes – Week 2

With the burden of detox week 1 behind us, we’re beginning to reap some benefits of the “Clean” lifestyle.    Skin irritations are clearing up, sleep has turned into an amazingly perfect experience for one of us, energy has bumped up and evened out for one of us, eliminations (we are talking poop people) have become as described in the book for one of us, a pound or two have fallen off.  These things are nice to experience but what’s better is there’s a sense of freedom that comes with this program – like you can drop the chains of cravings and junk food.  You don’t have to be a slave to mood swings (which I now see have loads to do with what I’m eating).

So does that mean I’m “healed”?  Will it be a life without pasta and cheese or bananas, strawberries and yogurt or bread – warm, flaky, lovely bread?  Probably not, possibly not?  Let’s just see where the three weeks takes us, baby steps, right?  Right now I’m very happy writing with my warm cup of ginger tea  instead of my old friend jo, so that’s some major change!

But at this point a lot of folks, my husband and I included, start talking about making these “Clean” changes for good (or at least 80% of the time).  That calls for research – gotta build up the recipe folder and get inspired, here are some links that if not completely “Clean” things could be easily modified.

Dr. Oz tried “Clean” and put together a whole manual of recipes and menu plans, some of these are repeated in the book but some are new, especially at the end!

My New Roots continues to be a resource I go back to again and again, her “winter abundance bowl” is on my list for this week.

Dr. Frank Lipman just blogged a week’s worth of Detox friendly meals.  I plan to finally attack the Nori Roll, except I’m giving up on the roll, it’s too intimidating for some reason, my roll will look oddly similar to a rice bowl.

Heidi Swanson, is new on my radar but I’ve read about her on Rip+Tan, Dishing Up the Dirt, Valleybrink Road and Pamela Salzman – her online journal 101 cookbooks has me very interested and her book “Super Natural Every Day” looks like a work of art and I love the title.

That should tide us all over for awhile, happy gathering.