NYDJ I love you but your name SUCKS

image via Nordstrom

I needed wanted some new jeans for fall.  Yes, NEW.  I visited all my used clothing haunts and could not find what I wanted.

I pre-shopped online, meaning I looked up who might carry what I was interested in wearing for fall and I decided on this brand – Not Your Daughter’s Jeans (NYDJ).  How this brand name got approved by focus groups baffles me!  My daughter is 7 so the chances of me mistaking her jeans for mine are slim.  I know that I could possibly be shopping above my “intended age bracket” in this particular category but even still the name is terrible.

Here are my suggestions:

Mrs. Robinson Jeans

MILF Jeans – maybe too crass, no?

Not 21 Forever Jeans

Genius Jeans*

*This is my favorite because when I wear these jeans and bend over to tie my kid’s shoe, my bum and undies are NOT flying in the breeze!  The fact that they’ve solved this issue is – GENIUS.  Also, these jeans are comfortable, like sweatpants comfortable but look polished and put together.  I’ve worn them about everyday for a week and they’ve held their shape which says a lot when your day involves running around the park, working on floor puzzles, sorting through legos, walking the dog, etc. and my jeans are gathering compliments along the way.

For those looking for some genius jeans I can highly recommend these.