Buffy the wise

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I know John Huges is supposed to be the “movie whisperer” to teenagers and young adults of the mid-80’s to 90’s.  But I would argue that where John left off, Joss picked-up.  Joss Whedon, creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and a slew of other shows that most people did not watch.  “Buffy” ran from 1996-2003 coinciding beautifully with most of my own coming of age years.  Interestingly, thanks to Netflix, I have seven seasons of Buffy at my fingertips and nights when even a YA book will not suffice I turn to Buffy.  As I watch now, as a late thirty something, I am astounded at how many “after-school program” type messages are hidden under the guise of demons and cool outfits……and way better writing and acting.  Feel like a misfit, check.  Dealing with a broken heart, check.  Dad issues, check.  There is a Buffy episode for almost every young adult issue that ails you.

In fact, I think Joss does one better than Mr. Hughes, for the ladies at least.  I stopped waiting for Jake and his Porche and Blain in his tux.


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After watching Buffy and Angel split up, something clicked, I had a new version to happy endings.  Buffy saving her loved ones from super evil WAS the happy ending, it was my long awaited end to the Cinderella syndrome!  Thank you Mr. Whedon for helping me look beyond the glass slipper, I’m eternally grateful for that and all the sassy fashion sense I gleaned from your show.


I’m SOOO bored.

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I usually don’t give much weight to what “experts say”, unless of course they agree with what I’ve already been thinking.  Currently, my kids are on their summer break and there’s been a lot of Netflix, like hours a day.  We are in Texas, it’s hot, mosquitoes and flies are taking over the world – so unless you are swimming, outside provides very little draw.  I’m a good outside parent, less so indoors.  I get caught up in laundry, dishes, tidying and organizing.  Inevitably I look up from whatever I’ve been doing and one of my kids in holed up with the iPad spacing out with Netflix. Hmmm, not how I want them to be spending their summer afternoons but I’m also not willing to entertain them every hour of every day.  Enter the treasure that is boredom, the pathway to all sorts of goodness lies at the end of the simple phrase, “I’m bored”.

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2010 and beyond

It seems I’m stuck……in 2010.  First I saw the above from NYLON magazine (which I have on a “cool” pedestal) knocking my affinity for vampires on television.  Netflix only of course since actual TV is like soooooo 2007*.

Next, I became a little obsessed with these No. 6 boots below on Julianne Moore:

Know when the picture was taken?  2010.

This last one is a bit of a stretch but three things always illustrate a point better than two….. sooooo THIRDLY, Florence + the Machine, currently one of my favorite listening pleasures, well, Florence + the Machine** became “mainstream” in 2010 (album launched in 2009 but You Tube videos came in 2010 – I know I’m reaching).

I can’t help thinking about a Gilmore Girls episode where Rory’s friends throw a 2002 themed party (the actual year this episode aired was 2006) – they all wore Ugg’s and listened to music from that long ago (4 years) time.

I’m not sure if it’s my age or just the state of the world but it’s all blurring together.  Look at fashion, you see 80’s revival, grunge (90’s), boho mania (70’s), mod mama’s (60’s) and Ugg’s.  I’m going shopping with my sister this weekend and I’m dying to see her in a skirt a la June Cleaver (50’s).

I’m suspecting the “Internet” is to blame for this lack of definition concerning the decades and years.  Every thing from every time is available with a few clicks.  It takes too much effort to come up with something new when you can hit a few buttons and scroll through millions of images and just choose one for yourself.  I’m really hoping there’s some kind of micro culture happening in a younger generation that’s anti-everything and then maybe we’ll see something worthy of a new catch-phrase in 2020.

*2007 being the year we disconnected our cable and went with out “tv”……of course there’s been a steady stream of Netflix since then and THANK GOD for apple TV.

** Yeah I know Sarah McLachlan and Tori Amos called and they want their music back.