I wish I could hang out with Laura Miller

Laura Miller from Sidesaddle Kitchen, makes jewelry and costumes out of fruits and veggies and then posts on Instagram, need I say more?  Yes?  Well, her hilarious, dry, witty commentary never fails to make me laugh, she seems real, relatable and I’m putting in my application for her new best friend.  A raw, vegan lifestyle is not for everyone, myself included, but some of her down-to-earth budget friendly tips are what keep me checking in…..also the aforementioned laughing.

photos via Laura Miller's Instagram

photos via Laura Miller’s Instagram

If you are interested in making your own ‘kraut for probiotics on the cheap – we are beginning our second sauerkraut attempt this week OR maybe your own kombucha – Miller recommends apple cider vinegar, sparkling water and lemon – OR you are actually into raw or vegan or both, then head over to Sidesaddle Kitchen.