High as a kite

Fun Dip, aka my kids drug of choice

Fun Dip, aka my kids drug of choice

Ugh, sometimes I really have a hard time with my world.  When did Valentine’s Day become a week long extravaganza riddled with enough sugar to rot all the teeth in my neighborhood?  My children have already received two “Valentine’s” each, Valentine’s Day is still four days away….god help me if these are pre-Valentine’s Day “valentines” or something. I use quotes because these are not homemade cards and hearts with sweet professions of friendship.  These “valentines” are bags filled with drugs candy.  And not just a lollipop, each “valentine” held no less than 5 packages of candy?!

So, my kids are pretty awesome, they know I’m going to “edit” their Valentine’s booty and they don’t put up a fight.  I laid out their treasure trove of cavity inducing sweetness and allowed them each to choose one (the rest will magically disappear).  My elder child went for the Fun Dip and my younger, being the individual he is, grabbed the exact same thing.  Now we have a mid-morning to late afternoon  filled with finishing their own Valentines for friends, and I swear my kids are high.  I’ve got music going as incentive to get out of your seat at any time and help your body burn that sugar, but the look in their eyes is CRAZY, like their brains are vibrating irregularly.

And at the same time, although I’m dripping with disapproval of this unhealthful not to mention wasteful custom, I’m wondering if my kids will feel their homemade cards with sweet sentiments and unique artwork measure up to plastic bags filled with pounds of candy?!  The depths of parenting worry and guilt know no reason!

Now, to try and balance my toxic rant, I give you MY preferred way to get high with your Valentine, aptly named “Aztec Spirit” from Kris Carr’s latest book, I modified a few things, but here it tis:

Serves 2

3 cups nut milk

1/3 cup cacao

1 vanilla bean scraped or 3/4 tsp vanilla extract

2 shots espresso or strong coffee

1 banana

2 TBS maple syrup (or stevia to taste)

3 kale leaves (stems removed)

Pinch of cayenne (optional although Kris says it’s a known aphrodisiac, so Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU)

Blend until smooth.


Worth repeating

I spent a fabulous amount of time on the internet last week, here are some articles, posts, etc. I want to keep track of:

1.  Awesome article from the beauty of it is about sunscreen (yes I seem to be dreaming of summer).  It’s confusing – the toxic stuff, the natural stuff, the ratings, this article has the links to the goods as well as her own breakdown of products that I found very helpful.

2.  Leave it to Kris Carr to make me feel good about some of my poorer choices as I wrapped up the holiday break……Crazy, Sexy , Gentle indeed.  I’m also getting ready to try out a few more of her recipes from her latest book, so far the juices have been one hit after another, so if you are thinking of juicing in 2013, this book is for you.

3.  “Water is the new oil crisis” – it’s a serious quote from Shiva Rose (of The Local Rose) on a project she did with Eileen Fisher.  But the article I found particularly helpful was more about CLEAN water and from my own city which, of course, makes it hit closer to home.  If you are interested in what you are brushing your teeth with, washing your hair with, cleaning your dishes with….not to mention trying to ingest 8 glasses of, then read this and then this.

4.  Yes, please

Photo via Gardenista

Photo via Gardenista

When looking for some fodder to help me actually plant something edible this year, I came across this article.  I realized another nice goal might be to have a dinner with all of my favorite folks, perhaps I’ll serve them something from my garden……and when I say “garden” I mean the pots of lettuce seeds that I hope will produce even just one leaf!




Back in the saddle

Photo via the internet (my pies are not that pretty)

I’ve basically spent the past week eating and sleeping, there were no gym visits, there wasn’t much of anything going on except the aforementioned eating, oh and cooking of course.  I did eat a lot of veggies but they were usually swimming in butter, oil, and/or cheese……mmmmmm, cheese.  I also had pie, with a side of pie and whipped creams and ice creams and cookies and oh my.  Not surprisingly I looked at my husband last night and said, “I feel so sorry for myself”!

It’s true eating this way not only causes a mess with my digestive system it also totally screws with me emotionally.  My typical M.O. is to be super hard on myself and forget all the fun and community that I had in the last week and just wince at each “bad choice” I made and groan about the difficulty of getting back “on track”.  But you know what – LIFE IS TOO SHORT.  And as Kris Carr told me recently, “LIFE LOVES ME”!  What kind of recipient of life’s love would I be if I start my whole woe-is-me routine?  So this morning, I woke-up, hit the gym, went to the g-store, made my smoothie and sat down to talk to you fine folks, cause you know what?  LIFE LOVES US ALL!

This is my “Back in the Saddle” concoction:

1 cup almond milk

1 banana

1 scoop Vanilla Chai Vega

1 scoop Amazing Greens berry powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cacao

1/4 tsp espresso

2 ice cubes

Giddy up ‘lil doggies, I can already feel my little light starting to shine once again.

I Feel so Fresh and CLEAN 3

Our Clean cleanse has come to a close, and as I wrote earlier, I’ve been a bit concerned about our next steps.  During the last week of the cleanse I had two dinners out and wasn’t able,  nor did I make myself follow the rules of the cleanse to the “T”.  I felt immediate differences after ingesting the “contraband” foods – bloating, gas, indigestion, irritability, even a nightmare. So, I continued marinating on how great I’ve been feeling while eating the foods prescribed on the cleanse and while thinking these thoughts, I mindlessly start typing to check out some of my blog regulars and here’s what they had to offer me:

Zen Habits – “A Guide to Eating a Plant Based Diet

Crazy Sexy Life – “Crazy Sexy Kitchen” book launch, a new book full of vegan, healthy recipes AND a reminder of her e-book offering, “Crazy Sexy Juices and Succulent Smoothies

D Moms Blog- “Achieving Work Life Balance (Sort Of) with The Gem’s Kale and Quinoa Salad“, an article about how one lunch filled with green goodness made a marked beneficial change in this woman’s day.

I am not kidding, three seemingly unrelated blogs/websites ALL expounding on the benefits of eating a “clean diet”. Pffff.  I get it universe, I get it, I don’t need any more messages from the Internet telling me that this way of eating can be more than an experiment.

After much discussion, my husband and I have decided not to live by any rules or standards or labels other than our own.  Our daily meals may look vegan or raw but that doesn’t mean you’ll never see grilled fish on our table again.  We are leading with health first and foremost but there will certainly be sprinkles of alcohol, sugary sweets, potato chips, etc. during the long and healthy life we are setting ourselves up for!

The details on the cleanse results:

1.  Weight loss – I’m not a scale girl but going by my clothes, I dropped at least a dress size, possibly a dress size an a half.  And remember weight loss was NOT a goal, I was packing in the calories.

2.  Energy surge – The energy I experienced from day 3 through the end to day 21 was incredible!  No afternoon dips, no groggy mornings, a steady flow all day that thankfully released me in time for bed.  I did notice a decrease in the amount of sleep needed the last week (about 6-7 hours, vs. my typical 8-9)

3.  Glow-y soft skin and bright eyes – “Did you change your make-up?”, “Did you get a facial?”, “You look so shiny and happy”, these are actual comments directed my way from unpaid individuals.

4.  Clarity of mind and overall feeling of lightness – Life seemed easier, removing some of the distractions that I now know food causes in my life was a completely unexpected insight and benefit.

We will certainly be repeating this experience, maybe in 6 months, maybe a year….I’ll let you know!

P.S. Here’s the recipe for the “Beeting Beauty” pictured at top:

2 beets

5 carrots

1/2 cup mint leaves

1/2 lemon (peel removed)

1 apple

Feed everything through a juicer.

P.P.S.  I only name my FAVORITE drink creations….. just thought you should know.

What my “bottom” looks like

We can talk about my rounded backside another time, today’s “bottom” refers to a low point.  Anyone familiar with 12 step programs might have heard this term, “hitting bottom” – it typically signifies reaching a point so low that you cannot help acknowledging that a re-evalution of sorts is in order.  Kris Carr once wrote that she had on occasion picked a sugar-laden treat out of her trash can for ONE MORE BITE. She would then thrust her drug of choice back into the trash can and dose heavily with Windex to insure there was not a repeat performance.  I share this because I am a coward and it is a beautiful example of some of the crazy things we do in life.

You may have read my declaration of war on sugar.  After writing that post I somehow spent the next two weeks filling myself with as many sweet treats as possible.  Perhaps because of my guilty Catholic upbringing I feel compelled to share, consider this my confession or my version of binge and purge.

Picture this – a kitchen table, morning light streaming through the window, a big empty Bouchon box, a cup of coffee and me – sitting in a sugar tinged daze, trying to reconcile my breakfast choice.

So, what was in the box you ask?  1 Coconut macaroon, 1 peaches’n creme macaroon, 1 caramel macaroon, 3/4 monkey bread, 1 O’noyoudidn’t (Thomas Keller’s version of an Oreo-like cookie), 1/2 croissant.  Now, before you go judging, keep in mind I have 4 people in my family and I let the other 3 smell everything in the box before I shoved each one into my mouth.

Right now I could let the rationalizations begin to flow, I’m on vacation, it’s my birthday month, we are going to start our detox soon – it’s like Fat Tuesday, it was cold this morning….but truly the fact that this was my BREAKFAST leaves me little wiggle room.  I’m a poster girl for the morning smoothie – typically of the green variety.  Yes, it’s time to bring this party to a close and break out the Windex.

Now about my bottom….. presently it resembles the doughnuts I had last night for dessert.  Booo-ya!