It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle

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I’m beginning to hear another phrase, along with my title, “if I had a dollar every time someone says ‘It’s not a diet, It’s a lifestyle’ I’d be a rich lady”.

“Diet” seems to be a dirty word, it’s attached to suffering, sacrifice, overall unpleasantness, maybe discomfort.  “Lifestyle” sounds fun, right?  It’s a life with style, something most people would readily agree to.

The fact is 80%* of healthy lifestyle changes revolve around diet, or let’s say the food you are putting into your body.  If you’ve been pursuing healthy choices for any period of time, you know enough to stay away from fad diet schemes or to get pulled into the latest media darling of healthy eating – Gluten free cup cakes, anyone?  But at the same time, with the world shouting in your face about obesity epidemics and toxic foods you may be itching to change your life this spring and totally unsure where to begin.

In my personal research of reading books, spending loads of time online, listening to all kinds of doctors, perusing loads of “diets” (Vegan, Mediterranean, Paleo, Plant-based, Clean, The Kind Diet, The Detox Diet, Crazy Sexy Diet, The Body Ecology Diet,  Weston Price, Kimberly Snyder, Dr. Frank Limpan, Dr. Weil…..the list goes on and on), here’s the basic skeletal structure of what a healthy lifestyle looks like:

EAT:  Non-modern foods – think as close to nature as possible (Apple vs. Apple Jacks), cook at home as often as possible.  Think in groups like: protein, fat and carbohydrate, these are the things your body needs and can really use, not Doritos (which falls into the “franken-food” category).

MOVE:  Exercise, six days a week.  Walk, dance, run, garden, vacuum, jump rope – don’t worry about a set time or pushing yourself till you drop, just get your body moving and build on as you are ready.

DRINK:  Water, water and more water

REST:  You must sleep, all kinds of repair and cleaning goes on in your lovely body (much of which we still don’t completely understand) while you are getting your shut eye.

If you are in the midst of making changes, I’d also encourage you to BE KIND to yourself.  Many of the less than healthy habits we’ve picked up have been in our lives for awhile, it takes time to let them go as well.

* This “80%” is a totally made number on my part, pulled from my own guess-timation while doing research.  I assigned such a large percentage because it plays a very large part in getting healthy.




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Dr. Frank Lipman

This guy not only has a face that that says, “You can trust me. let’s be friends”, his website/blog is incredible!  Dr. Frank Lipman is the quintessential celebrity doc, he’s got books, he’s got supplements, he’s got a cleanse program, but the reason I’m a fan is he’s really relatable.  When he says he was a sweet addict, and it’s still hard for him today, I believe him.  He’s got a whole team of people working his blog, content is refreshed and renewed at a New York pace. It’s rare I tune in and don’t find at least one thing that intrigues me.  He also contributes to Gwyneth Paltrow’s website from time to time and I always bookmark his contributions, I just find him so helpful, it’s a great quality….especially in a doctor!


Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder, C.N.

Now about this lady, she’s a human lightbulb she’s so glow-y.  Kimberly Snyder, C.N is the ultimate celebrity nutritionist.  She too has a book (haven’t read it) she also has a “Signature drink” and I’m not talking the kind Martha Stewart recommends for turning your dinner into a par-tay.  Kimberly is the creator of the Glowing Green Smoothie or GGS, she does a lot of raw, mostly vegan if not entirely, I’m still getting to know her.  The blog is very grass-roots feeling, home-done, makes her feel very accessible in my opinion.  I like some of her tips for fighting the water bloat (cranberry concentrate (note I did not say cranberry cocktail)), super helpful when flying or a certain time of the month.  A lot of Kimberly’s information is contrary to some of the things I’ve read – even things I’ve read by the good Dr. Lipman above, BUT the proof is in the pudding and I’ve been giving her GGS a go and I’m feeling pretty darn good.