Product Review: Brahms Mount

Over 20 years, that’s how long our blanket from Brahms Mount has been in my husband’s life.

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 9.22.28 AM

I have a J. Crew skirt that’s about 15 years old, but that’s about as far back as my possessions go.  Brahms Mount is an American company based in Maine with American made products that are beautifully basic and quietly luxurious.  Not organic but made of natural fibers and manufactured with “earth friendly practices” plus our personal quality test of daily use, thousands of washings and nightly games of tug-a-war puts this product in the BUY AGAIN category for us.  Another lovely thing is that they still carry the exact blanket that we own – that NEVER happens!  My husband and I both are notorious for falling in love with things that get discontinued.  The cotton is the perfect weight in the summer, helps add warmth in the winter under our comforter, super soft, easy to clean, dries quickly.  Also, drum roll please, free domestic shipping!

P.S. If you like celebrity endorsements, this lady likes them too!



Product Review – Manuka Raw Honey

It is not often you can get the very best of something for under $100.00, at least that was my husband’s argument when he came home from the grocery store with $40.00 honey.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 3.08.16 PM

That was a couple years ago, since then we’ve looked into why manuka honey can cost $40.00 and beyond.  It has to do with the “active” number you see on the package, the higher the number the higher the cost.  The number refers to the concentration of methylglyoxal (MG) which has strong “antibacterial powers and antibiotic effects”, according to webMD.  We like it because it tastes like heaven.  Our daughter uses it instead of butter on her toast, I use it to make this beauty tea and it turns out I’m not the only one.  Certainly not an everyday indulgence, but I love having this little pot of gold on our pantry shelves, it somehow makes the occasional sore throat a little less awful.

P.S.  Still cleansing, just trying out a new section for the blog, I’m making these “Product Reviews” a new thing, hope you like them.

Web Round-up

A few fun distractions courtesy of the amazing internet.

The lovely lady with the drool-worthy kitchen, blogs!  Love her profiles.

A friend send me this with the “time-suck” warning.  They had me at their “Creative Manifesto”.

After a short trip to NYC this summer I got re-hooked on this blog.

This feels a little “Godfather” to me, “every time I get out they pull me back in“.  J. Crew is blogging and I like it – it’s no roll neck sweater but I take the goodness where I can find it.



Kitchen Porn

Photo via refinery29

Photo via refinery29


Here are several more pics.  And the BowlOvers for your hard to shop for, minimalist, waste reducing friend – genius.