What my “bottom” looks like

We can talk about my rounded backside another time, today’s “bottom” refers to a low point.  Anyone familiar with 12 step programs might have heard this term, “hitting bottom” – it typically signifies reaching a point so low that you cannot help acknowledging that a re-evalution of sorts is in order.  Kris Carr once wrote that she had on occasion picked a sugar-laden treat out of her trash can for ONE MORE BITE. She would then thrust her drug of choice back into the trash can and dose heavily with Windex to insure there was not a repeat performance.  I share this because I am a coward and it is a beautiful example of some of the crazy things we do in life.

You may have read my declaration of war on sugar.  After writing that post I somehow spent the next two weeks filling myself with as many sweet treats as possible.  Perhaps because of my guilty Catholic upbringing I feel compelled to share, consider this my confession or my version of binge and purge.

Picture this – a kitchen table, morning light streaming through the window, a big empty Bouchon box, a cup of coffee and me – sitting in a sugar tinged daze, trying to reconcile my breakfast choice.

So, what was in the box you ask?  1 Coconut macaroon, 1 peaches’n creme macaroon, 1 caramel macaroon, 3/4 monkey bread, 1 O’noyoudidn’t (Thomas Keller’s version of an Oreo-like cookie), 1/2 croissant.  Now, before you go judging, keep in mind I have 4 people in my family and I let the other 3 smell everything in the box before I shoved each one into my mouth.

Right now I could let the rationalizations begin to flow, I’m on vacation, it’s my birthday month, we are going to start our detox soon – it’s like Fat Tuesday, it was cold this morning….but truly the fact that this was my BREAKFAST leaves me little wiggle room.  I’m a poster girl for the morning smoothie – typically of the green variety.  Yes, it’s time to bring this party to a close and break out the Windex.

Now about my bottom….. presently it resembles the doughnuts I had last night for dessert.  Booo-ya!