Spring Skin

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I wore sandals out to dinner this weekend!  Sandals!  It’s the first time my toes have been uncovered in months, there is something about wearing half a shoe that’s instantly relaxing.  Digging through my shoes to unearth my sandals got me thinking about changing some other things around as the winter season lifts and we shift into spring.

Dry brushing, you know I’m a fan.  Something I’ve changed in the routine is dry brushing before my morning exercise.  Could be my imagination, but I swear I sweat more (a good thing), also it fits into my routine easily to slip off the PJ’s, brush all over, slip on clothes (exercise worthy or not) and get on with my day.  This also helps make it more of an everyday thing.

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Moisturizing, I have a habit of not using enough.  I now realize, it’s like medicine – if you aren’t using the correct dosage, you won’t get the intended results. No more skimping on my lotion, the experts say to slather it on like you are frosting a cake – this goes for SPF as well if you are lucky enough to be getting that kind of sunshine!

Fake Tanning, I’ve been hiding my face from the sun for years but now I’m starting to give the rest of me more shade too.  This makes the thought of shorts…….less fun.  So this year I’m planning to try a few sunless tanning products.  I’ve written before that putting stuff on your skin is the same as putting it in your mouth.  Here are a few brands that passed my criteria:  Chocolate SunLavera, The True All Natural Self Tanner for Face & Body, MooGoo

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Hydrating, this is obviously not seasonal thing but as the days get warmer I need to be even more vigilant about staying hydrated.  Think of it like magic juice, because a well hydrated body is really a magical thing – supple skin (read less appearance of cellulite), better cardiovascular health, cleanses toxins, muscles and joints work with more ease, oral health, aids weight loss – Yup, drink UP!

For more ideas on welcoming spring, check out Darling Magazine, it’s a really, really, really cool site.


I feel so CLEAN

Week 1 into our cleanse and holy cow I feel so clean and so happy!  Like dancing on the ceiling happy…and light, I feel light.  This summer I wrote about my tendency to overindulge, especially in sweets and fats….I don’t think I was really overeating my salads if you know what I mean.  An intervention was in order, so my husband and I broke out the Clean cleanse.  We’ve done it before but this round we’re really following all the “extras” laid out in the book including daily meditation, banishing snacks whenever possible, dry brushing, and a nightly dose of olive oil to just name a few.  The basics are for 21 days we do two liquid meals, one at breakfast and one for dinner, lunch is a meal from their list of acceptable foods with the idea being as raw as possible and as organic as possible.

Changing up our food has already yielded huge benefits, we are sleeping better, my husband is so glow-y with his bright eyes – he looks 5 years younger, he says I too am sporting a youthful glow, I’ve mentioned the spike in happiness we are both experiencing – all of these things are wonderful BUT they are not my favorite part of my experience so far.

My favorite part is identifying that food and eating out had become a sort of hobby!

“Let’s grab a bite, have some coffee/tea, take the kids for an ice cream, etc., etc.”

So, during these three weeks (and I’m hoping for longer) we will get out and DO something instead of go out and EAT something.  One caveat, the “detox date”, my husband and I went out for a green juice at one of the few NEW juicing places that have opened after dropping the kids at school.  $15 bucks for two green drinks – DAMN, thank goodness it counts as breakfast.  But it was a really nice break from cleaning the juicer.

Not completely unlike traveling, this cleanse experience has changed up our daily routine, offering some awesome insights.

I should mention that neither my favorite part of the experience, nor all the benefits we are outwardly experiencing thus far are the point of our cleanse.  We are giving our bodies a break so they can clean themselves up and heal as needed……also to break my crack, I mean SUGAR addiction.  Has to be said, just in one week, I feel like the spell has been broken on that front!