Worth repeating

I spent a fabulous amount of time on the internet last week, here are some articles, posts, etc. I want to keep track of:

1.  Awesome article from the beauty of it is about sunscreen (yes I seem to be dreaming of summer).  It’s confusing – the toxic stuff, the natural stuff, the ratings, this article has the links to the goods as well as her own breakdown of products that I found very helpful.

2.  Leave it to Kris Carr to make me feel good about some of my poorer choices as I wrapped up the holiday break……Crazy, Sexy , Gentle indeed.  I’m also getting ready to try out a few more of her recipes from her latest book, so far the juices have been one hit after another, so if you are thinking of juicing in 2013, this book is for you.

3.  “Water is the new oil crisis” – it’s a serious quote from Shiva Rose (of The Local Rose) on a project she did with Eileen Fisher.  But the article I found particularly helpful was more about CLEAN water and from my own city which, of course, makes it hit closer to home.  If you are interested in what you are brushing your teeth with, washing your hair with, cleaning your dishes with….not to mention trying to ingest 8 glasses of, then read this and then this.

4.  Yes, please

Photo via Gardenista

Photo via Gardenista

When looking for some fodder to help me actually plant something edible this year, I came across this article.  I realized another nice goal might be to have a dinner with all of my favorite folks, perhaps I’ll serve them something from my garden……and when I say “garden” I mean the pots of lettuce seeds that I hope will produce even just one leaf!





Is there a nutritionist in the house?

Photo via Internet

As I was flipping through my fancy new cookbook this weekend, I came upon a known fact that I ALWAYS forget.  It has to do with spinach, spinach is an amazing little leaf, it has calcium and iron and loads of other great things, it also has oxalate.  Oxalate hinders the absorption of calcium and iron in the bloodstream basically reducing your raw spinach intake to some good fiber.

What the hell, right?

After some clicking around on the internet, since my fancy new cookbook did not reiterate how to unlock the full potential of your spinach, here’s what I re-learned:

Two easiest and most common ways to get your Popeye on.

1.  Light cooking – this can breakdown some of the oxalate encouraging more nutrient (calcium and iron) absorption.  The trouble here is over cook and you’ve killed the nutrients anyway.

2.  Add vitamin C –  Vitamin C blocks the oxalate from binding to the calcium and iron so they can be absorbed.  Something I’m not totally clear on are the acceptable methods for spinach and vitamin C pairing, for example there is VItamin C in my Vega and Amazing Grass powders.  I do suspect that in this instance, this combo works best with whole food, here’s a list of some foods highest in Vitamin C:

  1. Red and Green Hot Chili Peppers
  2. Guavas
  3. Bell Peppers
  4. Fresh Herbs (Thyme and Parsley)
  5. Dark Leafy Greens (Kale, Mustard Greens, Garden Cress)
  6. Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts
  7. Kiwis
  8. Papaya
  9. Oranges and Clementines
  10. Strawberries