Yogurt Cup

Our cups went for a frozen yogurt outing and in the process we threw a wrench in their yogurt program.  It was one of those, grab a disposable cup, self-serve yogurt, add toppings and then weight and pay places.

First stop was to let them know we’d be using our own cups, did they need to weigh them first?

Them: Huh?  Well, we don’t really do that….huh….hum…I could maybe take 20% off your total order?

Me:  Okay.  Let’s do it.

Them:  Yeah, we don’t normally do this so maybe don’t expect this in the future, okay?  I’m happy to do it today because it’s just me, but I don’t know about someone else.

Me:  Hmm, well, maybe you could mention it to your boss, we’d come more often if we could use our own containers.

Them:  Yeah, okay.

So, we fill up, sprinkle on our toppings of choice and I’m grabbing money to pay just as my oldest reaches for a neon colored plastic disposable spoon.

Me: Nooooooooooooooo

Her:  Huh?? (as she places disposable spoon in the yogurt)

Me:  Never mind

Needless to say as we enjoyed our treats we discussed one use products and how we could use the spoons we brought from home instead of the plastic ones from the store.

All finished.  We stacked our dirty cups, passed around the family napkin, then used it to wrap up our cups.  Next – off to the park to burn that sugar.


Family cup moment

My husband and I did a lot of our early dating at Starbuck’s, other coffee places too, but mainly Starbuck’s.  We would meet before work almost everyday and chat over a latte, now I know what a huge sacrifice that was for him, he’s NOT a morning person!  Ah, the things you do for love.

A lot has changed since those early times but we still LOVE heading to a coffee shop, just not Starbuck’s.  Now we choose a local place where they roast their own, it’s owned and operated by a couple of young business men who are behind the counter serving it up most days. My husband is sipping a cortado these days, I’ve switched mainly to soy chai and now we have children – so that’s different.

My husband, ever with his cup, the rest of us with our “for here’s”, we all split a muffin.  Using the stainless spoon from our coffee friends I slice it up, I pack a bandana for a family napkin.  All in all our waste is nominal and the moment is perfect.

Going to a kegger

It’s good for more than coffee.  We had…let’s see….a few beers….let’s call it three plastic cups saved from waste!

Photo by my spicy husband

I’m not the only one


So I mentioned the awareness of creating waste can become a bit of an addiction right?  Well, my husband caught the bug too, his frequent contribution is in the form of this cup (or something similiar).  As a friend to caffeine he frequents many a coffee joint and he always brings his own cup.  He’s saving the waste of the paper cup, cardboard sleeve, plastic lid, occasionally those weird plastic sip-stopper things certain coffee shops adorn your cup with, BUT apparently it’s also quite the conversation starter.

SO, if you are looking to put a little spice in your daily caffeine jaunt, try bringing your own cup, in my humble opinion cups with phrases get extra points.  For example, USE ME OVER AND OVER, I CAN GO FOR YEARS NOT MINUTES, sadly I gotta million of ’em. heehee.

P.S. No lip about my husband’s superior photography, he’s not only handsome, he’s talented too, pfffff.