Sustainable Shaving?

Muhle safety razor and The Billie

Now that there are two ladies shaving in my household, I’ve upped our shaving game. Thankfully, my husband has been willing to serve as a guinea pig for alot of “innovations” for our family. When Harry’s arrived on the scene, we were all in and then to take our sustainable game further I urged him toward the safety razor. Meanwhile, I was sticking with my Venus.
However, as my daughter inched closer to needing her own supplies for the shaving game, I realized I needed to test drive a few options for myself. First, I tried my husband’s safety razor.  When I finished with all my fingers and toes still intact and only a very little cut, I figured it was worthwhile. I ordered my own, shown above.  It has a slightly longer handle and a texture along the handle to help with grip. It’s been about 4 months and while I still get a small cut every other time I shave, despite slow and careful strokes, I’m really happy with the result. BUT, when I thought of my daughter, a complete shaving novice, I cringed. Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, now that it’s headed toward summer, when I’ll be shaving twice as often, I’d like something a little more forgiving. Read, faster!  So, while the Muhle is my winter razor winner, I continued hunting for another tool in my grooming kit.
Enter, Billie. I’m guessing the normal Billie customer is 30 years of age and under.  You can choose a razor handle color from about 4 options, there’s a subscription to send you razors, the marketing refrains from mentioning anything about shaving in relation to “sexiness” – I’m looking at you Venus.  But the reason I pushed the buy button was due to their  “Pink Tax” rebate program.  It felt really good to tackle this topic and support a solution with our razor purchases.  While the sustainability is low, the social awareness is high and for this next phase in my family, it feels like the right way to spend our money.  The shave is great, there are 5 blades, it is super responsive, very easy to handle.  Both mama and daughter are very pleased with the results, no nicks, no cuts, no interrupts!

This post is not sponsored, just hope this helps someone navigating these purchases for their own people!


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