Oh hair balls!

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Curly Me.

Hair is a weird thing.  On one hand, it’s just hair right, what’s the big deal?  On the other it’s YOU, one of your most distinguishing features at least.  I’m the girl with the curly hair, so much so that I’m deemed unrecognizable by friends when I straighten my hair.




Straight….wait who are you again??












Recently I gave my curls a break, I just needed a change, something that would stick around longer than a blowout.  The thing with hair, particularly curly hair is it’s a whole darn thing.  It’s like an outfit and accessory all in one, sitting on top of your head.  A constant party is happening above my neck and it’s completely unpredictable. You go to sleep one way and wake up with a different head of hair – forget about factors like weather changes, pffffff, it’s crazy.  There are benefits too, don’t get me wrong.  Curly hair is fairly low maintenance – less washing, prefers to air dry (when possible).  When it’s long you can usually pull off a hair knot sans accessories – it just stays!  And all of your straight haired friends LOVE your curls.

Now with my straighter, albeit slightly fried, locks I did get the much needed change I was waiting for.  Since things are simpler and a bit more predictable above the shoulders I find myself experimenting with my clothes – more pattern, more color, different silhouettes.  Fun stuff!  But I lost the healthy shine and the ability to just wash and go unless it’s 1987 and I’m with Bon Jovi.

Bon Jovi 1987. image via google

Bon Jovi 1987.
image via google

The verdict:  Am I happier with the overall outcome?  Yes………no………yes, most of the time.

Oh hair balls!!!!!!


2 Comments on “Oh hair balls!”

  1. Jennifer cason says:

    You wouldn’t believe. Asking for a trim today, and an unfamiliar stylist asked what I was going for. “Something a little less Bon Jovi” were the exact words. Luckily she was close enough in age that she got the joke, burst out laughing and said, “got it.” Yeah, the ends were fried, and the curl was a frizzy mess. So, I’m enjoying this blow out while it lasts. The thermal still sounds very tempting. And you look beautiful either way. I’d bang my head with you any day.

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