50 Shades of White

Addie's House as it looks today.

Addie’s House as it looks today.

We are in the process of picking paint colors for Addie’s House.  This process is made one gazillion times easier with the internet.  A simple google search of: white house, silver metal roof and thousands of images pop before your eyes like magic.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 3.10.26 PM

image via google

For example, before seeing what a cream house with a metal roof looked like (above) it was something we were considering.  After seeing the example we realized how much we prefer the sharp contrast of a white house against a green landscape as seen below.

image via google

image via google

My husband always like the underneath of a porch ceiling to be sky blue, but it was convenient to find this picture showing a blue ceiling with a white house and gray floor.  Pretty much exactly what we were planning.

image via google

image via google

Final decision = white on white, gray floor (and stairs) with a hint of sky blue on the ceilings.

Now for the door….

Front door

Front door




One Comment on “50 Shades of White”

  1. Jennifer cason says:

    I’ve heard it told that a sky blue porch ceiling wards off mosquitos…or was it flies? Either way, pretty and helpful. Love the choices.

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