Playing dress up

photo via sea of shoes

photo via sea of shoes

With a change of season around the corner I find myself playing in my closet. What’s too used, what’s too new, what’s missing, what haven’t I put together before?
When inspiration has left the premises I turn to this little lady I’ve been following for years. She’s turned “playing dress up” into an entire career complete with wonderful photos for your viewing pleasure. Jane is a great reminder for me to have a little fun, scratch that, have a party with my clothes! I can suffocate myself in gray, black, denim and white – not very fun.

photo via sea of shoes

photo via sea of shoes

When I’ve looked at 100 pairs of black boots but can’t seem to find anything I like.  I start thinking about these lovelies from The Office of Angela Scott and all of the sudden black seems boring!


photo via sea of shoes

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a little fun playing dress up this season!


One Comment on “Playing dress up”

  1. Susan Towle says:

    Dear Diane, I am totally enamored by this kind of creative wardrobe. But, of course, it doesn’t fit my lifestyle at this point in my life.

    But I encourage you…..Go for it! Love, Mom

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