The best soy latte that you’ve ever had?

photo via wellness mama

photo via wellness mama

Remember 2001?  Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” played at least 10 times a day on every radio station I listened to.  I remember being intrigued by this foreign thing “soy latte”, at the time I was a “tall, vanilla non-fat latte please”, I was also smoking cigarettes and eating pizza about 4 times a week.  Ah youth.  Well later in life I embraced the soy latte, a decaf soy latte to be exact, it’s my go to if I’m forced into a Starbucks.

There’s a huge debate going on about soy, health food or health foiler?  I’ve recently been advised to kick it out of my diet, it turned out to be a “foiler” for me personally.  Luckily, I’d stumbled upon this, butter in my coffee?  OF COURSE, I’ll try it!  Butter seems to be a non-disrupter for me, a glass of milk – nope not going to fly, but butter for cooking eggs – no digestive problems at all.  Some of you may be gasping – but the saturated fat, the cholesterol!!  You may be interested in this little NPR interview, “Rethinking Fat:  The Case for Adding Some into Your Diet” .  Me, I’m a fat fan.

So, I started looking into it a bit more and came upon, Bulletproof coffee and Wellness Mama’s “healthy coffee“.  In my heart of hearts I never understood how something that smells so divine – coffee – could be bad.  Thanks (yet again) to the amazing internet I have a bit more insight, I am still curious if when these folks go without there are any withdrawal symptoms…..may have to personally test that theory.

In the meantime, here’s how I’ve been enjoying my occasional at-home coffee these days:

1 cup coffee (I make pour-over), or tea

1 TBS Kerrygold butter

1 TBS coconut oil

Mix everything in a blender, pour into a cup and enjoy your frothy concoction.

Options:  vanilla extract, honey, stevia, also amazing with chai.

Happy sipping.


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