I think I get it now

Ever notice how more and more people spend their days in work out wear?  I’m not in an office, I work out of the home, go on grocery runs, school runs, extra-curricular kid places, hopefully an occasional date night or family dinner out thrown in there and what I notice is loads of women (and some men) in exercise clothes.  I’ve been totally judge-y about it too, wondering aloud, “are they actually going to or coming from a work out”?  “Where have all the real clothes gone”?  Well, I’m completely changing my tune on the subject.

image via Nike

image via Nike

While doing a cleanse I mentioned my “distraction sit-ups” as well as finding a yoga class I like, and I’ve begun these little bursts of what I’ll call “spontaneous exercise”.  Sometimes I just want to take a brisk walk or kick up into a handstand or do a few sun salutations or push ups or jumping jacks – all of the above are far easier when one is properly attired.

Enter the emerging trend of workout gear becoming more street ready.  Theory, the ever popular women’s contemporary line, launched Theory 38 with highly progressive options for the gym and on the street.  Lululemon, arguably Dallas ladies’ daily uniform of choice will offer &go, a nice alternative to heading to the grocery store in skin tight yoga wear.  Above you see what Nike has going on, sporty but relaxed, and that cape would make me feel like a super hero, it’s my second favorite.  The company that tops the list however is Aether, based in Los Angeles, they seem to have nailed exactly what I’m after.  No crazy neon, or fussy fabrics, just a perfect cross of slightly nicer lounge clothes and less serious workout clothes.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 5.08.44 PM

images via Aether

So until we are all wearing some kind of Tron onesie, I’m adding the new criteria of “cartwheel friendly” to my new purchases.


Happy Friday.


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