Best kitchen tip this year

Clean your pan BEFORE you take it off the stove!  Bear with me, I don’t use a microwave so all cooking from heating oil to melting chocolate to warming left overs and actual cooking is done on the stove.  There’s some good stuff out there about what kind of cookware you should use and why, the 2 pans I end up using 99% of the time are my Lodge skillet and All Clad pot.  Trust me when I say neither are easy to clean…….until I learned this trick.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.43.23 PM

I hear it’s called “deglazing” by those who know what they are doing in the kitchen.  The basic steps are when your meal is finished in the pan (or nearly finished), crank up the heat and add a bit of water.  The water begins to boil and you can easily scrape along the pan removing all the cooked on bits, no more scraping scrambled egg after soaking for hours!  This has saved me tons of time and effort plus I feel very chef-y when deglazing, had to share with you fabulous folks!  For concise step by step instructions with photos check out The Kitchn.



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