Eating Out and Eating Clean-ish

Dallas is not a poster child for the health friendly restaurant.  Being a vegetarian can pose challenges forget about being vegan.  Beans are typically flavored with chicken stock or beef, brussels sprouts will be sauteed with bacon fat, but this week we had the pleasure of NOT playing detective with the menu at True Foods Kitchen.

True Food

True Food is a concept restaurant chain with a menu based around Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet.  Think lots of whole food, beautiful veggies, grains and TONS of flavor.  What you won’t find are traditional dishes – burgers, pizza, pasta – turned healthy.  Each item on the menu is beholden to nothing, they exist all on their own with no comparison required.  Is there meat?  Yes.  Is there dessert?  Yes.  They even serve a seasonal “soda”, but if you are expecting something Coke-like, think again.  Keeping with all the things I like about Dr. Weil, the menu strikes up a nice balance between healthy and Super Duper healthy.

The reality is eating out will NEVER be as healthful as what you cook up at home (see video link) – BUT an outing to True Food sure did turn me on to some new inspiration that will be awesome when I feel like getting some dishes dirty!

Happy Friday!


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