It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

image via google

image via google

I love this time of year, people don’t look at me like I’m nuts while I sing Christmas carols and window shop to my heart’s content!  Whether you are into non-material gifts or can’t fill your Amazon gift cart fast enough there is a gift list out there for you.

This gift list has ideas ranging from $8.00 to hundreds of dollars, I appreciate that in a list, plus it introduced me to a few new online stores which is a gift in itself!

If you are interested in “green gifts” or gifts that give back or social change gifts there is something for you in this list.

A friend recently sent me this link which has fun and very specific lists, for example “the ten best natural beauty gifts”.

As for non-material gifts, there are lists for that too but I couldn’t find one I was happy to link to, so here is the 800arrows Guide to Non-Stuff Gifts.

1.  Memberships:  museums, aquarium, zoo, CSA (here’s a link for a farmer near you).

2.  Classes:  Tennis, Horseback riding, sewing, knife skills, how to make cheese

3.  Time:  Babysitting hours, reading aloud, doing dishes

4.  Donate on their behalf:  Something in tune with your loved ones values,  this site has some ideas, scholarship funds

Whether you are giving movie tickets or a month of “hugs on demand”,  embrace these lovely words from Winston Churchill today and everyday:

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Have a holly jolly Christmas,  Merry Kwanzaa,  Happy Hanukkah,  Wondrous Winter Solstice,

And happy festivus for the rest of us!





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