Buffy the wise

photo via google

photo via google

I know John Huges is supposed to be the “movie whisperer” to teenagers and young adults of the mid-80’s to 90’s.  But I would argue that where John left off, Joss picked-up.  Joss Whedon, creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and a slew of other shows that most people did not watch.  “Buffy” ran from 1996-2003 coinciding beautifully with most of my own coming of age years.  Interestingly, thanks to Netflix, I have seven seasons of Buffy at my fingertips and nights when even a YA book will not suffice I turn to Buffy.  As I watch now, as a late thirty something, I am astounded at how many “after-school program” type messages are hidden under the guise of demons and cool outfits……and way better writing and acting.  Feel like a misfit, check.  Dealing with a broken heart, check.  Dad issues, check.  There is a Buffy episode for almost every young adult issue that ails you.

In fact, I think Joss does one better than Mr. Hughes, for the ladies at least.  I stopped waiting for Jake and his Porche and Blain in his tux.


photo via google


photo via google

After watching Buffy and Angel split up, something clicked, I had a new version to happy endings.  Buffy saving her loved ones from super evil WAS the happy ending, it was my long awaited end to the Cinderella syndrome!  Thank you Mr. Whedon for helping me look beyond the glass slipper, I’m eternally grateful for that and all the sassy fashion sense I gleaned from your show.


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