Show me what you’re walkin’ with

There’s been a little interest in what my family is packing.bringing and wearing on our upcoming trip to France.  We are trying to keep all new purchases to a minimum however there were two things that were needed.  1. Shoes, we actually all needed some shoes for this outing.  We had a tall order: needed to be sturdy, comfy, could get wet (not soaked hopefully but wet), had to be comfy walking, not just on a flat trail but up hills, down hills, around hills and because I like to make things impossible, I wanted SOME element of style.  Well folks, I found it ALL in a Blundstone.

photo via the internet

photo via the internet

My husband has been swearing by this “Austrailian cowboy boot” for years, when we go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, he has Blundstone’s on his feet – not Nike, not New Balance, no Adidas…..Blundstone’s.  He had already insisted on these for the kids.  “No muddy laces”, he said.  The kids boots arrived at Christmas so they had time to break in and I realized two things, 1.  the boots didn’t really require breaking in and 2.  When your kids are 7 and 5, they grow fast, especially in the foot area.  So now my kids are both in their second pair of boots – fingers crossed no one grows in the next 6 weeks.

I was a harder sell, I was confident my old trustworthy Camper boots could handle one more trip, but after a few of our “practice walks” I realized I was feeling every pebble and the water was finding ways in to my socks.  I have troubled feet and I knew I could trust my Campers so I ordered a new pair.  My brand new Camper boots arrived and they were NOTHING like my old ones.  Thin leather, narrow foot bed, thinner sole……they didn’t even look as cute as my old ones.

Photo via Camper

Photo via Camper


“Alright, alright, I’ll try the Blunnies”, I told my husband.  Long story short, they have rarely left my feet since they arrived.  I’ve probably logged over 30 miles in them so far.  They are completely comfy, super light, I love the “moto” styling, they remind me of my beloved Doc Martins from the 90’s however my feet do NOT look huge in them (that was always my complaint with Docs).  They arrived with a solution to apply to the boot to help with water resistance, seems to work really well.  I am very happy, very confident these shoes will keep us all walking happily wether in France or down the street.

Next time, our second purchase, my SMALL backpack.


3 Comments on “Show me what you’re walkin’ with”

  1. angelle says:

    BUT they are SO FAR AWAY! NO Local PLACES??? EVEN USA??

  2. […] my shoes, the backpack needed serious breaking in.  Built in the USA, Go Ruck packs are patterned after […]

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