Class continued

Dr. Frank Lipman

This guy not only has a face that that says, “You can trust me. let’s be friends”, his website/blog is incredible!  Dr. Frank Lipman is the quintessential celebrity doc, he’s got books, he’s got supplements, he’s got a cleanse program, but the reason I’m a fan is he’s really relatable.  When he says he was a sweet addict, and it’s still hard for him today, I believe him.  He’s got a whole team of people working his blog, content is refreshed and renewed at a New York pace. It’s rare I tune in and don’t find at least one thing that intrigues me.  He also contributes to Gwyneth Paltrow’s website from time to time and I always bookmark his contributions, I just find him so helpful, it’s a great quality….especially in a doctor!


Kimberly Snyder

Kimberly Snyder, C.N.

Now about this lady, she’s a human lightbulb she’s so glow-y.  Kimberly Snyder, C.N is the ultimate celebrity nutritionist.  She too has a book (haven’t read it) she also has a “Signature drink” and I’m not talking the kind Martha Stewart recommends for turning your dinner into a par-tay.  Kimberly is the creator of the Glowing Green Smoothie or GGS, she does a lot of raw, mostly vegan if not entirely, I’m still getting to know her.  The blog is very grass-roots feeling, home-done, makes her feel very accessible in my opinion.  I like some of her tips for fighting the water bloat (cranberry concentrate (note I did not say cranberry cocktail)), super helpful when flying or a certain time of the month.  A lot of Kimberly’s information is contrary to some of the things I’ve read – even things I’ve read by the good Dr. Lipman above, BUT the proof is in the pudding and I’ve been giving her GGS a go and I’m feeling pretty darn good.


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  1. angelle says:

    keep it coming my arrow blogging friend.

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