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Awhile ago, I wrote about the “100 things” guy and mentioned I’d be doing an inventory of my own.  Well, I’ve slacked and now I’m thinking of building a closet so guess what?  I took an inventory of my clothes!  No use creating a space to store things unless I know exactly what I need to store, right?

closet 1

1 of my 2 (very small) closets

I am terrified of your judgements, as I have FAR MORE than I dreamed, I have 8 sets of PJs for example.  But, before I further reduce my clothes, I thought I should take stock, as embarrassing as my 8 sets of PJs are, not knowing about it is worse in my mind.  The awesomeness of doing this exercise is in touching and looking at everything you’ve purchased to put on your body.  It’s easy to see what you are really wearing.  My favorite shirt that is threadbare from so much ware sitting next to the two others I bought as “replacements” but I never actually wear.  Also, to remind myself that I can do with FAR LESS, I’ve included a clothes inventory from Bea**, of Zero Waste Home, following my own list*.  To write down and categorize all of these clothing items has been SO helpful in so many ways, I am excited and scared to move on to the other parts of our home.  Alright, drum roll please……here’s my list:

17 Dresses – 2 formal, 9 dinner appropriate, 5 summer day dresses, 1 winter day dress

8 Skirts – 5 summer, 3 winter

3 Shorts

15 Hanging tops – 5 fancy, 10 daily button-downs

7 Jackets – 2 blazers, 2 workout, denim, rain jacket, cape

6 Coats – 2 Fancy, Pea coat, work coat, shell, trench

5 Cardigans

8 Thick sweaters

4 Light sweaters

13 Tees

6 Tank tops

11 Leggings/workout bottoms

13 Workout tops

8 PJs – 2 nightgowns, 3 winter top/bottom, 3 summer top/bottom

30 Shoes – 4 sneakers, 10 flats/boots, 9 heels, 6 sandals, 1 slippers

* My list is still incomplete, should take note of: bathing suits, intimates (bras, undies, tights, slips), socks, purses, hats….do I include the clothes I constantly borrow from my husband?

Bea’s List

  • Seven Tops: Four basics, three “fashion”. In order: Black long sleeve scoop neck, black 3/4 sleeve boat-neck, black spaghetti tank, black loose tank, hot pink loose tank, grey sparkly tank, ruffle long one shoulder. Tip: Find shirts that are long enough, so they can also serve as mini-dresses in the summer.
  • Three Sweaters: *Hooded sweater (heavy weight), black V-neck (medium weight), striped boat neck (thin weight). Tip: Buy good quality that does not fuzz up.
  • Three Dresses: Black sheath, denim shirt dress, colorful dress. Tip: Dresses for a simple wardrobe are made of a material that is cross-seasonal; for example, tweed does not apply.
  • Occasional Dress: Green Awards/dress for my brother’s wedding (I am now ready to donate, sell or redesign this one). Tip: Buy an occasional (once every five years) dress used, and donate it back to the thrift store after the event.
  • Six Bottoms: Jeans, trousers, black leggings, fitted skirt, loose skirt, shorts. Tip: Stay away from khakis/khaki color, which do not work well with winter pieces.
  • Intimates: Seven undies, matching convertible bra, two pairs of medium socks, *two pairs of thick socks, footless tights, PJ’s, and a swimsuit. Tip: Find the perfect bra first, match undies second. PJ’s should be light enough for summer, warm enough for winter, and be decent enough to wear overnight at someone’s house.
  • Six Shoes: High heels, boots, medium heels, jazz flats, sandals, *slippers. Tip: Match the color with your purse(s).
  • One All-Purpose Purse: I used to have three purses, but found this one used on my last shopping spree… my computer fits in it, and it has a removable strap to turn it from messenger into clutch for occasions. It is black to match my shoes. Tip: Make a list of items to fit in the “new” purse, take your computer to the store if necessary.
  • Five Toppers: The family blazer (Max, Leo and I have all shared it), black cardigan, *leather jacket, *sporty waterproof jacket, and a *cozzy. Tip: Go for texture and don’t be afraid of color, if your purse matches your shoes.
  • Accessories: *Winter hat, summer hat, belt, jewelry (wedding ring, belly piercing, fashion piece), All purpose cover-up, sunglasses, and *gloves. Tip: Stick with a hardware/metal color that fits your complexion (gold/silver), and find accessories that carry your base color and have dual function, such as a necklace that can serve as a belt.

** More of Bea’s tips for maintaining your Zero Waste wardrobe.


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