Forget spring, I like winter cleaning

Seriously, spring is all beautiful days and frolicking outdoors.  Winter, however, allows for many days indoors which is why my basement now looks like this:

base 1  base 2   base 3  base closet

I soooo wish I had a “before” picture of our basement, but the lighting, as you can see, is not so good – so I guess I was never moved to take any pictures down there before.  BUT believe me when I tell you it had become a dumping ground for all things.  Anything that wasn’t being used regularly – ended up in the basement, anything that didn’t really have a home – ended up in the basement, anything that we thought, maybe, possibly, we might use in the future – ended up in the basement.  You get where I am going with this.

Now, the basement only holds well earned storage, things that are used regularly or seasonally, but not everyday.  Guess what that left room for?!

base play

That’s right, room to frolick – indoor style!


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