Daydreaming and hungry

photo via Roost

photo via Roost

I apologize in advance to anyone “detoxing” right now, cause this lady’s food photography is ridiculously tempting.  Short background, Caitlin, of Roost, married a guy who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  She’s since committed to living a grain-free life, eating seasonally and cleanly and generously blogs about it all while showcasing her highly appealing pics….did I mention she’s also a food stylist?

Full disclosure, I have yet to try any of her recipes…..honestly the photography kind of intimidates.  BUT a little person in my house has been asking to make doughnuts and I think this Roost recipe, matched with this helpful tip from Weelicious (confirming I don’t need to buy any special equipment) makes the request hard to deny.  Mmmmmmmm, doughnuts.


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