Stop, Breathe, Savor

spazz photo via googling the internet

spazz photo via googling the internet

I’m kind of a spazz.  In all of my years (4) of playing tennis, my spazztastic nature seems to be the constant obstacle in my game.  I’ll be out on the court enjoying a friendly game, it’s a beautiful day and I’ll get that familiar bubbly excitement feeling – “HERE COMES THE BALL!!!!” My mind floods with all of the things I could/should do therefore taking me completely out of the moment.  I usually end up A) whacking the ball with all of my might – OUT! B) over-running the ball putting myself in a terrible position C) freaking myself out so much that I take my eye off the ball, swing and MISS – oh the shame of making NO contact at all.

Excitement is typically related to positive feelings but there are also roots of impatience, anxiety and wanting that accompany “excitement” as well.  What’s a spazz like me to do?  Stop, Breathe, Savor.  That word “savor” is best friends with pleasure in my mind.  It is good and positive and I naturally welcome any and all pleasurable experiences… fact, I want to savor them.  Conversely, telling myself to “slow down” seems to imply judgement – “I’m going too fast”, “I’m missing it”…….”it”, of course, being my LIFE.  Which would you rather tell yourself?  “Slow down” or “Savor”?  Me, I’m going with savor, whether I’m on the tennis court, doing errands, working, parenting, even relaxing – I’m going to be SAVORING.



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