It’s a whole new world

One of the things my husband and I were trying to shift into is more bulk buying and less packaged goods.  Most of us know packaged goods are generally not good for us nor for the planet.  But we frequently got caught up in the logistics of living with this new idea – what kind of containers do we choose, how do we do this at the grocery store, what will we be eating?

The change started innocently, I wanted to invest in a few glass jars for my juices and smoothies so I stopped by our local hardware store and picked up 12 oz. Ball’s canning jars, they come in a package of 9.  Hmmm, I didn’t need 9 jars for smoothies and we were in need of glasses so we used the extra for some drinking glasses.  Well, there are only 4 of us in the family so I still had glasses left over.  Those I filled with some nuts and rice crackers that were basically getting stale on my shelf.

Guess where all that has led?

reorg 1

Shoddy photo of pantry

reord 2

Shoddy photo of baking and spices


Getting caught up on the logistics was so 2012, in 2013 we are making it happen.  Bring on the mistakes, failures and learning.  2013 is the “year of fun” – pass it on!


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