I saw the sign 2

You guys might remember when I wrote about the new stop sign that came into my life a few weeks ago.  When I was out and about the other day I had to stop and snap this picture:

This, of course, is THE stop sign, the one I’m trying to be all zen about but really it’s quite pointless.  But here’s the NEW thing this sign has shown me, I live in a neighborhood with some sass!  I’ve seen these little tokens of outspoken honesty, humor or angst in places that have some interesting-ness, like Austin for example.  I never, never, ever thought I would see something like this in Dallas, or perhaps it’s hard to see the growth and change of a place when you live there?  Either way, I’m happy I live in a city where people feel free to write random thoughts on cardboard signs, I hope this is the first of many!

In case you live in this city or are planning a visit, here are a few other new things in Dallas that I think are worthy of your time.

Klyde Warren Park – a park in the middle of the city, certainly not a new concept but I’m glad Dallas can be counted as a city that has one.

The Office of Angela Scott – in a city filled to the brim with almost every mass retailer known to man, it’s nice there’s also a home grown shoe shop doing everything by hand, oh the artistry!

Perot Museum of Nature and Science – Opens Dec. 1st but looks VERY promising


One Comment on “I saw the sign 2”

  1. Jennifer Cason says:

    Oh THAT sign. Yes! I noticed it when I left your house last month and I thought…this is so totally pointless. haha. Love the sign!

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