After school snack

My kids come into the kitchen like clockwork around 3 proclaiming “I’m starving”.  I try to squash my annoying comment that they don’t really know what starvation is, since I myself am usually feeling some stomach noise that time of day as well.   Instead I focus on what to serve them that is not crap and they’ll still be hungry for dinner.  These shakes have been filling that order, what goes in varies a bit but the chocolate remains the same.

1.  Nut milk of some variety (1 cup)

2.  4 ice cubes

3.  Fruit of some kind (banana, frozen cherries, frozen blueberries)

4.  Handful of spinach (I’ve also used romaine lettuce or a scoop of choc. greens powder)

5.  2 TBS raw cacao

These two cups hold a little over 1/2 cup each it seems to be a good portion size.  The straw does make it fun – kids love straws.  I usually collect  straws from restaurants that bring them in drinks even though we ask them not too.  I can cut one straw into two making them a good size for these small cups.  I wash the straws and then re-use so one straw can last about 5 days before splitting or cracking – not bad.


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  1. angelle says:

    I’ll be there at 3!

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