Just a bite

Years ago when I was transitioning from take-out pizza, Bud Light and American Spirits I heard about Mireille Guillano, she’s done a whole bunch of stuff but for my purposes I heard about her book, “Why French Women Don’t get Fat”.  Honestly, the title turned me off so I never read this particular book of hers, BUT I did read, “French Women for All Seasons”.  It was meant as a follow-up to her first runaway success to “Why French Women…” – anyhow the book talks about seasonal foods, seasonal eating and the importance of pleasure and indulgence just not gluttony.  This is a common dispute in my head, my balancing act of la dolce vita and “the white stuff will kill you” knowledge rattling around in my noodle.

So this week wen I was craving a bit of the sweet stuff, I recalled Mireille’s words of wisdom to have a little, just a few bites, enjoy it, just don’t over do it……..in my mind “over-doing it” could be licking the plate…..at a restaurant.  Seriously.

But, since I’m kind of a grown-up I made these words my mantra – just a bit, just a bite – and created this wonderful treat for myself.

“Slice of Heaven”

Decaf Fair Trade French Roast Coffee

Sliced Baguette sprinkled with Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips (and warmed in toaster)

3 TBS The Greek Gods Honey Greek Yogurt

Sat my butt down at a table, lit a fire in the fire place and enjoyed my little “Slice of Heaven” for all of 4 minutes before my kids spotted the chocolate chip bread.


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