Meet my new besties

Hint: Diane Von Furstenberg is one of them!

During relatively quiet afternoons, while my kids are doing their homework, I sit with them, on hand for questions and bribes encouragement, with my laptop and check through “my blog list”.  This week’s read through produced quite a gem, here’s my treasure hunt OR skip to the bottom link below the pic for the prize:

I started at Zero Waste Home – Bea where are you?  Moved on to You Are the River, not really into house stuff right now though.  So I visited Garance Dore for a smile and a laugh and met Amanda.  Inspired my some of the spring shows I saw on Garance but reminding myself it’s FALL that’s coming I checked-out Net-a-Porter where I saw Amanda again.  My interest peeked, I googled “Amanda de Cadenet The Conversation” and THAT is when I met my new besties.

The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet – Episode 4*

When I was a brand new mom with a brand new baby, I would have LOVED to look at something like this when I should have been “napping” like the baby.

*Episode 4 is the only one I’ve been able to see all the way through, but I’m hopeful for the other episodes.  This is more than just girl talk it’s girl SUPPORT and who doesn’t need more of that!  Feel free to skip over Miley Cyrus – I did.


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