Why parenting rocks

When I started this blog I thought I’d be doing a lot of posting on parenting stuff but turns out, what I think and what I feel about parenting is tough for me to put into words.

But when I walked into my room yesterday and saw “Shoe Dude” sitting there in the middle of my spring/fall closet switch I thought, this is it, this is why being a parent is so cool.  Where I saw pairs of shoes, my kids saw a red boat of fire ready to take Shoe Dude on an adventure.

Having little ones in your life offers an amazing perspective that grown up people tend to loose somewhere along the line.  Their honesty, their innocence, their curiosity, their intelligence, their instincts – I find it all fascinating and inspiring.

If like me you have little ones in your life, Happy Saturday morning to you, I’m sure you’ve been up for hours “enjoying” all of their energy!


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