Sick Day

Warm water with lemon, NY Times, Bandana hankie

My family is currently in the midst of our “back to school” cold.  We’ve experienced this phenomenon ever since having children, in my pre-mom days I cannot ever remember getting sick in September.  And despite every superfood, probiotic, hand washing regimen I institute starting mid-August, here I am sneezing, aching, and sporting a runny nose in September.  Usually I take one or two days and lay around feeling very sorry for myself knowing I’ll kick it with a couple days rest……and this time really hasn’t been an exception, to the point that I thought I’d share my ultimate sick day.

1.  The sick day movie – I have a movie I only watch when I’m sick, I’m not really sure how it began but there it is.  Mine is “Sliding Doors”, this is not a very good movie however it does have a bit of a make-over montage which might be a key ingredient to the sick day movie.

2.  Soup – I love soup anyway but sick day soup is the best, thankfully my husband is a soup MASTER

3.  You don’t feel good enough to do anything so it’s like a guilt-free lazy day, sane people can probably do this without the aid of a fever but not I

4.  The sick day hankie – I use an old bandana to care for my runny nose, it is so much softer and kinder to your nose than toilet paper!

5.  A chance to take stock of what I’m grateful for because I take my health, along with about 1,000 other things, for granted far too often.

6.  Essential Oils – My mom got me hooked on these.  Young Living Essential Oils has blends for lots of stuff, but for sick day purposes here are my crown jewels:  Thieves (on my feet), Raven (on my chest) and R.C. (around my ears)

Drink lots of water, rest liberally and get well soon!


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