Always pack a bathing suit

And other travel thoughts.

1.  Always pack a bathing suit, even if you think you’ll never need it, pack one.

2.  Have the kids draw a picture of their favorite part of the day while making or waiting for dinner.  The pictures were often very surprising to my husband and I , especially considering they often depicted moments when all I seemed to hear from them were complaints.  Moral of the story…..don’t listen to your kids.

3.  For our 10 (turned 12) day trip I packed sturdy outdoor clothing knowing we’d spend our days hiking, fishing, working outside, etc.:  2 pants, 3 shirts, boots, sneakers, pj’s, work-out stuff.  Given our dirty, active adventures next time I’ll nix the work-out stuff, no one wants to get on a treadmill after a four hour hike.  I would have killed for a comfy, dinner appropriate outfit though……and a bathing suit.

4.  Road snacks – a piece of gum can transform a car tired child into a happy bubble blower.  For my husband and I, sparkling water with a fresh slice of lime at a rest stop was more rewarding than any drive-thru coffee.

5.  Audio books – movies in the car are great and we did have them in our bag of tricks for the kids but I loved having us all enjoy the adventures of “The Magic Treehouse” together. (Thanks A.G.)

6.  Take a nap or embrace a mellow half-day.

7.  Take your dog.  While it seems like a pain in the ass, for a couple of introverts like my husband and I, the dog added to our fun and bringing him was cheaper than boarding him!

8.  Sneak in quickies with your spouse, it’s like a glass of red wine, everything runs a little smoother.

Happy trails.


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