A Ladies Only Cup

In my search for waste reduction in and around my life a new kind of cup has been getting some play…..every month to be exact.  Look out tampons and pads, you have some competition.  I decided to try the “Moon Cup” and after three rounds, here are my thoughts in case you are looking for a new avenue for your monthly visitor.

1.  I’m definitely not going back to tampons (I formerly used ob’s but had tried all the usual suspects)

2.  There is a bit of leaking (nothing I wasn’t experiencing with tampons already though) so far I’ve felt completely covered with one square of toilet paper for back up

3.  There is no leaking “sensation”, for me this was the worst part with tampons post-babies.

4.  It comes in two sizes, A. post vaginal birth and B. women who have not delivered a baby vaginally (So simple and who really enjoyed buying something with the phrase “super plus”?!)

5.  Big decrease in cramps compared to using tampons

6.  I have run, swam, biked, and sat in a car for hours while using the cup – all preferable to my former experience with tampons

7.  The placement can be tricky and it can shift during exercise, this issue mainly deals with the removal stick at the base of the cup, I’ve since removed the “stick” completely (this is done by snipping it off with scissors) and these problems seem to be solved.

8.  It’s less convenient than a tampon when you are out and about, ideally you’d want to have access to a private bathroom and sink for removal, disposal of cup contents, rinse and re-insertion, wash hands – this is not always available.  However I’ve been staying on about a four hour schedule for cup “maintenance” and I can usually work around these issues with a bit of simple planning.  All that said I’d use the cup even if we were camping.

Hope that helps for those considering a change and wasn’t TMI.


Update:  Wanted to clarify the reason I’ve decided not to return to pads or tampons is NOT purely waste reduction motivated.  The cup is simply a superior choice for my needs, comfort being paramount.

I’ve also experienced having to empty the cup and re-insert without washing in between – it was fine.  Not my first choice but do-able.


2 Comments on “A Ladies Only Cup”

  1. Jennifer Cason says:

    Since you’re trying Moon Cup I decided to get Diva Cup for a sisterly comparison. hah. Only a little bit weird, right? It just arrived in the mail, so no review yet. Still, I’m SO pleased that you taught me these cups even exist!
    Big price savings + big environmental savings = happiness!

  2. warblerific says:

    I am so ready to make the switch, too – thanks for the review! You’ve motivated me to take the plunge. Cheers!

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