Me and my TV

I’m constantly at odds with our television.  We disconnected from “regular” television years ago, opting now for the offerings on Apple TV and Netflix, it was a great decision for us and we will surely continue on this path.  We watch maybe a few hours a week, a movie for my husband and I, a show here and there for the kids, family movie night, other than that the appliance is OFF.  So I’m left staring at the black frame most hours of most days and it bugs me, so today when I came upon this picture from House Beautiful, I thought maybe others have the same problem, hence the sharing:

Photo via House

This solution of a pull down map hiding the TV is brilliant for me, because another problem I have is that my grasp of geography is crap.  Double points if I can get my map used on eBay, as it seems the folks above were able to do.

 For more photos of the house with the hidden tv,venture here.


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