Getting lost

And finding what you need.  We are on vacation, we’ve taken two weeks, packed up and hit the road.  It’s the longest we’ve been away from home as a family and it’s exactly what we needed.  You take a step back (or away) and suddenly things come in to focus.  Without the demands of laundry, keeping house, my life’s routines, it’s easy to look at life a bit differently.  I realize now, it’s not about where you go but simply getting away.  We’ve stayed in motels, hotels, and with family, we’ve eaten home cooked meals, PBandJ’s at rest stops, one unfortunate Cracker Barrel meal, and dined with fine linens, we’ve found dragons in clouds, told stories about the people around us sharing the roads, abused song lyrics, and soothed a few homesick tears.  Our plans were loose, our expectations low, our packing minimal (more thoughts on that later)……it’s a recipe I highly recommend.

Happy Summer.

White Sands, NM


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