Everything I know about food

I learned on the Internet……mostly.  It started with trying recipes from here and there and then I picked up speed when I found this lady .  Not only is she wife to a Beastie Boy, she’s an incredible director, mom of two, food enthusiast and my first real cooking teacher.  Tamra Davis had the perfect first steps away from unhealthy, yet delicious, food I did not want to feed my family but loved to eat.  Her healthier meals are not only tasty but pretty painless to get on the dinner table.

Her cooking shows bring you right into her life and kitchen, from grocery shopping with a kid who doesn’t feel well to vacation cooking in the Hamptons to baking dairy-free, beet cupcakes for her kid’s school bake sale.  I still use her cook book often although my food do’s and don’ts have changed quite a bit since those early days.  She’s turned into my guilty pleasure, for example chocolate chip clouds?!  Thank you Tamra Davis for your contribution to getting me in the kitchen and starting me on a journey of making me and my family something good to eat!  You are one inspiring lady.


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