Brush-a, brush-a, brush-a

I may be a de-cluttering fool, but I do have quite a few brushes.  I have a brush for my veggies, a brush for my cast-iron pans and a brush for my body.

Hopefully you can guess which is which. The one I want to discuss is the one for my bod, the DRY brushing brush.  Dry brushing was one of those things I had heard about a bunch of times before I ever gave it a try……kind of like the neti pot.  So in that spirit, I’m throwing it out there – again.

For me, banishing cellulite is up there with feeling healthy as a top motivator, thankfully this little gadget appeases both.  Your skin is a LARGE organ, the largest in fact and it’s exposed to all kinds of nonsense….remember our little chat about what’s in your bathroom cabinet?  So, I try to help an organ out by dry brushing, yes it adds about 5 minutes to my routine which says a lot since I’m not a big routine kind of gal.  And it can even get tricky pre my post-work out shower (did you follow that?) – I’m talking about the sweat factor since you need to be DRY to dry brush.  BUT it reduces cellulite, among other fantastic things, and I’ll do just about anything to bid farewell to that bit of my fabulousness.  While I have not completely rid myself of these unwanted inhabitants they have GREATLY reduced in appearance.  The upside of what remains is I get to practice my affirmations – I love my thighs, I love my thighs, I love my thighs.

For more fun with dry brushing…and affirmations go see Kris.


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