Family cup moment

My husband and I did a lot of our early dating at Starbuck’s, other coffee places too, but mainly Starbuck’s.  We would meet before work almost everyday and chat over a latte, now I know what a huge sacrifice that was for him, he’s NOT a morning person!  Ah, the things you do for love.

A lot has changed since those early times but we still LOVE heading to a coffee shop, just not Starbuck’s.  Now we choose a local place where they roast their own, it’s owned and operated by a couple of young business men who are behind the counter serving it up most days. My husband is sipping a cortado these days, I’ve switched mainly to soy chai and now we have children – so that’s different.

My husband, ever with his cup, the rest of us with our “for here’s”, we all split a muffin.  Using the stainless spoon from our coffee friends I slice it up, I pack a bandana for a family napkin.  All in all our waste is nominal and the moment is perfect.


3 Comments on “Family cup moment”

  1. angelle says:

    Hadn’t thought to pack a napkin. Perfect and simple!

  2. Jennifer Cason says:

    I too have started packing a mismatched fabric napkin (due to your brilliant idea) and find it’s useful for 1000 things. Or should I say 800 things to honer your blog?

  3. Great post! I love to see pictures of coffee not in paper cups! I saw a woman driving today with a ceramic mug in her hand and it made me smile.

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