Pleather Shorts – Three Ways

When you commit to reducing your waste your shopping habits tend to be one of the first things to change.  The first time I watched the story of stuff my immediate proclimation was:


For ME, that was not sustainable for many reasons, I enjoy clothes for one.  BUT I knew the way I shopped needed to change.  Currently about 85% of what I purchase is used.  For clothes that can mean consignment stores, Buffalo Exchange, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Thrift, Vintage and much more.  I also shop, and therefore buy, MUCH less now, so I try to do a “Three Ways” list in my head before buying.

For example, my $16 pleather shorts from Buffalo Exchange.

To the park with kids:

Book club:

Date night:

Make the stuff you buy and already have work triple time, in buying less I’ve found I have a lot MORE to wear!


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